International Digital Marketing Consultant (freelance)

Contact outofseo if you need multilingual seo localisation, international PPC campaigns or other digital marketing services. I mainly work in english, italian and spanish, whereas further languages are needed I can resort to external collaborations.

If you are looking for a free informal consultancy I am available to spend up to one hour analysing your present online activity; after that you will receive a brief report and a few indications to use as a basis for taking further steps or making decisions.

For any questions about prices and services, for quotes and proposals do not hesitate to contact an expert online marketing consultant.

Most commons online marketing consultancies and campaigns

  • General online marketing consultancy;
  • International SEO services for multilingual websites and eCommerce shops: on-site and off-site optimisation to improve search engine ranking;
  • Link building campaigns
  • PPC campaigns and online shops advertising in different languages;
  • Digital online advertising: especially Google Adwords;
  • Social media advertising;
  • Content marketing and multilingual seo copywriting;
  • Web usability analysis;
  • Digital marketing localisation consultancy;
  • Redesign the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy based on website traffic data;
  • Requests for price quotations for digital marketing campaigns.

Feel free to submit your questions or proposals in the fashion you deem more convenient. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.

Daniele Cardello
Web Agency: Freelance
Position: SEO and Online Marketing Consultant
Services: Global Multilingual Internet Marketing
City: Barcelona
Email: daniele.cardello @ outofseo.com
Phone: +34633585086

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Phone – Email

+34 633585086 (Barcelona)
+39 3493222479 (Torino)

daniele.cardello @outofseo.com

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