SEO services and digital marketing campaigns

SEO Campaign

Increase website ranking on search engines

SEO to optimise websites and increase ranking on search engines
Increase visits to your website and get qualified users by improving the ranking on Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) allows to index all web pages. SMO (Social Media Optimisation) is a SEO technique that acts on social media pages to improve ranking in search engine’s results.

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Google Adwords

Consultancy on Adwords advertising

Online advertising with Google Adwords. PPC campaigns on search engines
Google advertising campaigns are terrific weapons at disposal of online marketing. Adwords system provides the chance to publish adverts on Google and its network of partners. Adwords’ ads are very effective and usually represent a large slice of the entire digital advertising budget.

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PPC – pay per click

Paid search and advertising banners

Plan a pay per click campaign to promote your products or services. PPC and pay per lead marketing
Besides Google Adwords there are many types of online advertising. Pay Per Click campaigns are based on a Cost Per Click payment model. The best results get achieved by an advertising mix tailored to company’s characteristics, needs and digital budget.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Network strategies and Viral Marketing

Social media marketing strategies: non-conventional and viral marketing, social network advertising, SMO (Social Media Optimization)
Social channels are spaces where businesses can promote their services and manage relationships with customers. Social networks meet at the intersection between content marketing, SEO, viral marketing and digital advertising. Leverage socials to propagate brand value.

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eCommerce websites

eShop Marketing to boost online sales

Digital marketing campaigns to promote ecommerce websites and online shops.
Online shops can exploit many marketing strategies to advertise their products and increase valuable traffic to the website. A bigger amount of quality visits boost sales and foster the remarketing strategy. Ecommerce websites need an intelligent team work and an ongoing fine tuning.

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Remarketing & Retargeting

Online advertising to recapture website visitors and customers

Remarketing and retargeting campaign with advertising banners to boost online sales
Show advertisments to loyalise your customers or to convert simple visitors into clients. Follow users on other websites showing up with discounts, coupons and targeted banners. Design ads according to different persona categories. Retarget visitors and remarket customers.

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Website Usability

Web accessibility and usability analysis

Optimising website accessibility and usability is crucial to make effective online marketing campaigns. The image shows a usability test
Design, information architecture, user experience UX, ease of use: online marketing without the optimisation of these elements goes around in circles. Accessibility analysis should always anticipate the planning of a marketing strategy. Analyse user experience to gauge better your communication.

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Google Analytics

Traffic data monitoring and analysis

Website statistics collection and monitoring by Google Analytics, performance analysis
Collecting statistics about website’s visits and analysing traffic data is inescapable to optimise your digital marketing campaign. Data interpretation benefits SEO campaigns as well. Set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool to monitor your website’s performances and users’ behaviour, costs are moderate.

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SEM Campaign

Online Marketing planned for search engines

SEM campaign means online marketing that leverages search engines. SEO, SMO and SMM strategies and Google Adwords advertising
Access to internet information is filtered by Google and other search engines. SEM campaigns include any strategy that leverages search engines to promote brands and advertise websites. SEO and SMO optimisation, link building and link baiting, paid search and adwords are all SEM strategies.

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Content Marketing

Make your contents rank well and go viral

Web content marketing and blog marketing. How create quality contents and make them propagate across internet
Web competition is strong, more and more players take the field producing discourses. In order to stand out from the competitors is needed an investment in time and creativity. Valuable SEO optimised content can be turned into viral marketing highlighting the brand image.

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